Make Boating Safe and Fun for Kids

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Boating is a favorite pastime for many people. And if you are lucky enough to have a boat to hit the rivers and lakes in Missouri, you know what we mean. There is no better feeling than spending a day out on the water with friends and family. Naturally, if you have children you will want to include them in your on-the-water fun. This week, Firstmate Controls offers some tips to make boating fun and safe when children are present:


Even the best swimmers should still practice safe boating by wearing a life jacket. Since you never know what could happen at any given moment, it's best to wear a life jacket at all times to avoid drowning. Your child’s life jacket should fit snugly and have a collar that will turn the child face up if he/she enters the water. Choose a jacket or vest that has a handle on it and is brightly colored for high visibility. By getting your child used to wearing their life jacket regularly while on the boat, they will be less likely to resist this requirement and more likely to keep it on.


In addition to wearing a life jacket, children should be taught how to swim. Basic skills to teach include: how to float, how to tread water, and how to swim at least one hundred yards in different directions. Until your child has mastered these skills, you should refrain from boating in very deep water.


Just as your children have rules when riding in the car, your boat should be no exception. Children need to understand and follow basic boat rules. Children should be told to keep their hands and feet inside the boat at all times. It is very easy for small hands and feet to get injured when youngsters attempt to stick them into the water. Never allow children to run around on a boat. The boat can be slippery and children can fall on deck or overboard. And teach your children to wait until the boat has stopped and the engine is turned off before jumping into the water.


If you plan to spend the day on the water, the last thing you want is for everyone to get hungry and grumpy. Be sure to take plenty of beverages such as water and juice, as well as cool treats such as ice pops, yogurt cups, and fresh fruit aboard. These treats not only help to keep everyone hydrated, they are also quite refreshing in hot weather.


Pack a bag that contains an extra change of clothes for your kids. This will allow them to be active on the boat. A swimsuit should always be worn or packed so kids can have some fun splashing around in the water. Afterward, they will have the option of changing into dry clothes for the rest of the ride.


Take time to plan activities that will engage your children while out on the water. Simple items such as a snorkel and diving mask can provide hours of fun. Fishing also keeps children occupied and can add excitement to your excursion, so consider bringing fishing poles and bait. You may want to consider “boat games” such as a contest of who can spot the most fish, the neatest bird, or who can name the most marine items.

The most important thing to keep in mind when boating with children is to have a fun approach and maintain positive attitude. Boating can be a very valuable experience that provides plenty of learning opportunities. Exposing your children to fresh air, sunshine, marine life, and the environment will offer plenty of quality bonding time for everyone involved. And don't forget that safe boating is fun boating. To ensure safe boat boarding and docking, contact Firstmate Controls to order your boat lift remote control system today, and enjoy the benefits of safety and convenience when docking and launching your boat!

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