4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Boat Engine Running Longer

10:30 AM

These days everyone is trying to conserve money, and we don't blame them. We do the same, but in our own little ways. We're of course not going to forego our favorite pastime activity just to save a few dollars, but we do have some suggestions on how to prevent spending money unnecessarily by preserving the life of your boat engine. Take a look at the four habits Firstmate Controls recommends getting into to make your boat engine last longer.

Run Your Engine Regularly

Letting your boat sit all year long without being run is good for your engine. Oil drains away from internal components and back into the pan, but running the engine every so often, even when you don’t have a chance to really use it, helps keep things in working order. Running the engine also gets the gas moving so it won’t just sit inside your fuel system and create varnish. It's also not a bad idea to run fuel stabilizer all summer long — not just during winter storage — to keep the fuel from getting gummy.

Idle Speed to Warm It Up 

Don't get too eager to take off so quickly. Long idles are actually good for our engines. Cold oil doesn’t flow well compared with warm oil. That resistance to flow isn’t as good at protecting engine components, and believe it or not, that resistance actually puts a strain on things like the oil pump and the mechanisms that drive it. Avoid premature wear by letting the engine warm up to operating temperature before you hammer the throttle.

Keep it at Cruising Speed

Typically, cruising speed is where your boat is at its best and least stressed. The engine is making good power and the boat’s trimmed out, nice and free from the sticky water. Adding throttle adds rpm, which doesn’t log any more time on the hour meters, but it does make those hours more stressful. Keeping it at cruising speeds as often as you can is a great way to prolong the life of your engine and related components.

Don't Skip on Flushing

It is important to flush the engine to ensure that all of the debris and dirt from the lake or river are removed from the engine. This will help keep interior corrosion to a minimum. Neglecting to flush the engine after a trip allows for dirt or debris to take root in the heart of the engine. All it takes is a couple of times with that happening before there are costly repairs needed for your vessel. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take a few minutes and properly flush the engine.

So, regardless as to how busy you get this summer, make sure to take your boat out regularly to knock the cobwebs out of your engine and keep it running smoothly. Remember to idle until your engine has a chance to get warmed up, cruising speed is your friend and causes less stress to the engine, and to flush your engine regularly to avoid buildup. For more tips on maintaining your boat, subscribe to the Firstmate Controls blog and check back regularly.

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