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One of the best pastimes during the summer is spending as much time as you can out on the water! But if you don't have the right equipment for your dock and lift, you could be spending more time on the dock than you anticipated when you could already be out on the water. Not sure what products will be best for properly accessorizing a dock so you can get on and off the water faster? Firstmate Controls has some featured products that you'll love. We make shopping for dock accessories and remote control systems easy. We don't just have remote control systems, we also carry parts for servicing systems as well. Check out our website for more products that we have in stock.

Manual Boxes

  • Full Port Valves 
  • Handle Stops
  • Emergency Handles 
  • Remote Controlled 
  • Safety Valve Drivers
  • Faster Operation 
  • Even Easier to Use 
  • Emergency Handles 
  • Remote Controlled 
  • Safety Valve Drivers 
  • Smart Controls 
  • Lift Monitoring 
  • Programmable Positions 
  • Remote Lighting Option from Key Fob: Dock Lights, Ambient or Cove Theatre Lighting

 *Features included on all Firstmate Systems:
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty 
  • GFCI Protected 
  • Highest Flowing Motors
Solar Systems
Available in:
  • 24v DC Conversion Kits 
  • 12v DC to 120v AC Solar Packages
4 or 6 Gang High & Dri
  • Has 4 or 6 Rungs 
  • Bolt on Bracket 
  • Store Upright 
  • Made with Aerospace Aluminum

    Boat lifts can pay for themselves over time by increasing the resale value of your boat as well as by reducing annual maintenance costs, such as eliminating the need for dock repair, lifts repair or boat repair. With the push of a button, the Firstmate™ Boat Lift Remote Control takes all the work out of raising and lowering your boat. The Firstmate™ system can automatically set your boat to one of three levels: Up, Board or Down. When your boat reaches the desired level, the system shuts off automatically. With the Board position, there’s no more climbing up into the boat or hanging on to the dock, making it easier to get your guests and their items in and out safely. So get out on the water faster and boat with ease this year by installing a remote control system on your hoist! What are you waiting for?!

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