Protect Your Boat, Dock & Lift from Rough Water Damage!

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Spring is here, which means boaters are going to be getting out a bit more frequently! This also means waters are going to get a little more rough as traffic ramps up. Many of us have our docks out in the open where they are subjected to rough waters from other boat wakes and weather causing water to swell and become rough. So it's essential to be proactive in preventing against damage. Firstmate Controls has some tips on how you can prevent damage to your boat, dock, and lift!

Properly Securing Your Dock will Prevent Expensive Damage

Rough waters can cause a number of problems on the water, especially to docks. That's why it's so important to regularly inspect your dock for any potential repairs needed. What may seem like a small issue at the time could turn into a huge and costly problem down the road. The last thing you want is to get a call from your neighbors saying your dock is floating downstream. Make sure to check the hardware on your dock and the cables securing your dock to land periodically and replace anything that is damaged or corroded as needed. It's also important to make sure your electrical system is up to code and working as it should to avoid malfunctioning equipment or electrical currents from being discharged into the water.

Having a Boat Lift is Essential to Keeping Your Boat Safe

A boat lift provides two main benefits: preventing deterioration and algae buildup on your boat and eliminating impacts due to water fluctuation. Leaving a boat in water over time can cause a lot of problems to the boat itself. Not only will it create more work for you when cleaning the boat, but extended periods of sitting in water can cause blistering to the hull and corrosion to the propellers and engine. By lifting your boat out of the water when not in use, you also prevent damage from incoming wakes and rough water from slamming floating objects into your boat or your boat into the dock or shoreline. Having your boat on a lift will also prevent damage to the body when water levels drop. 

Protect the Life of Your Lift with a Boat Lift Remote Control System

One of the best ways to protect your boat is by ensuring that the lift is working as it should. Routinely inspect the lift for any damage and to make sure it's functioning properly. You can even take it a step further and upgrade your lift with a remote controlled system. By installing a boat lift remote control system to your lift, you can improve your chances of avoiding damage to your boat and lift. The Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control System allows you to program settings to lower, raise, and stop at the specific levels you set. Using Firstmate controls is easy whether boating alone or with guests. Using either of our remote controlled systems gives you an extra set of hands from inside the boat for getting your boat on or off the lift.

With these helpful tips to keep your boat, lift, and dock protected on rough waters, you'll erase the hassle of expensive maintenance and damage to your boat. By being proactive with your boat, dock and lift maintenance you'll spend more time on the water enjoying summer, and less time fixing preventable problems. If you don't have a Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control System installed on your lift yet, contact us today to get yours ordered!

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