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The weather is finally starting to act like spring, so get out and enjoy one of life's favorite pleasures, fishing! There's nothing quite as relaxing, enjoyable, and at times as exhilarating as fishing. From enjoying the peacefulness of being on the water, to bonding with friends, to catching a monster of a fish you can gloat about to all of your buddies, there's nothing quite like the sport of fishing. Firstmate Controls has some helpful hints to make sure your fishing experience is memorable and will be a great story to be told for a lifetime! Let's take a look:

Do Some Research
Before just taking out on the water with random bait and tackle that you've accumulated over the years, be sure to do some research on the fish you're aiming to catch. Going out with catfish bait when you're hoping to reel in some large mouth bass isn't going to get you very far. By researching, you'll find that buzz-bait and live bait are most attractive to large mouth bass. Also, you need to know when the best times to fish for your species of choice is. For example, large mouth bass are more easily caught in the early mornings, later evenings, and sometimes during the day in cloudy overcast conditions. As you can see, there's a lot more than just casting a line and hoping for the best if you want to actually catch some fish, so do your research to be prepared. 

Gear Up
Once you've done your research and know what you're targeting and how to attract it, you need to get your gear together. Get the bait and tackle you plan to use. Choose the right rod for the job - Stronger rods can cast heavier lures, but won’t be as sensitive to gentle strikes from a fish, or may not flex enough to work well with lightweight line. Lighter rods may be very sensitive, but not strong enough to fight bigger fish. Shorter rods provide more power for fighting a fish and are commonly used for trolling and big game fishing. Longer rods can cast farther. Make sure you've got the right reel for your intended use and that it's functioning properly. Remember, the speed or power of your reel is based on its gear ratio. The higher ratios produce speed, the lower ratios produce power. When properly combined, your rod and reel will be the best weapon in your arsenal.

Hit the Water
You're not going to get very far fishing from the shoreline. While, yes, it's possible to catch fish from shore, you can't hit the sweet spots or find your new favorite fishing hole just by walking up and down the bank. Load up your gear, pack a cooler for the day, and get out on your boat! You'll more easily be able to reach those hard to get to spots that are probably teeming with big game. The closer you can get to their hiding spots, the better chances you'll have of catching the monsters that you can brag about for years to come!

With the right gear, proper knowledge and the means to get to those sweet spots, you'll be well on your way to catching some whoppers! Soon enough, fishing will become your favorite pastime activity if it isn't already. Don't forget that part of the fun is being out on your boat with a line in the water enjoying the quiet and peacefulness that only fishing can bring. Get out on the water more quickly by getting a Firstmate boat lift remote control system for your boat lift. Contact Firstmate Controls today to order the best boat lift remote control system in Missouri that is customized for your boat lift needs!

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