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Organizing your dock can seem impossible...but not when you have the perfect dock accessories! Entertaining friends and family on the dock has never been easier! Firstmate Controls created the Bracket Buddy system of products to make your dock organized without causing any damage. Firstmate Controls has just the thing. We have the best dock accessories and dock organization tools on the market, and we love sharing them with you. Keep reading to find your solution! 

TV Mounting Kit

Easily hang and store your tv up on your dock bracing so you don't miss any of the action, while enjoying a relaxing day on the dock. This mount swivels and tilts so you can get the tv pointed at the right angle for optimum viewing. This bracket fits most TVs size 17"-42" or up to 66 lbs. 

Adjustable Rod Kit

This metal rod holder cradles your fishing rod in the desired position. It's secure and easily accessible. Whether you're grabbing a drink or want to leave the line in the water for an extended amount of time, this rod holder is the ideal way to fish!

4 Rod Holder

Easily store your fishing poles or other tools in this metal holder. This is a nice way to keep your fishing poles in good condition and help prevent tangling in other storage devices. The stainless steel material keeps your holder in good condition for years to come. 

Kayak Mounting Kit

Easily store your kayak, fishing kayak, and canoes off the ground. Storing your vessel up off the ground or dock surface can help keep it safe from damage. We have two sizes of mounting kits available. Small - up to 125 lbs. and Large - up to 150 lbs. The large kit features an additional 7 inches of storage for lager kayaks, like two-person or sit on top models. 

Lounge Table

Play cards, serve the freshest catch, socialize with friends, or set down your drink to free a hand. 

  • 15" Radius
  • King Starboard - Anti Skid, Marine grade material
  • Available in White & Dolphin Grey
  • Customizable

Paddle Board Mounting Kit

Keep your paddle board safe and in good condition when it's stored up on your dock braces. This keeps your items up off the dock surface, making your dock a safer place for you and your guests to maneuver. The brackets support up to a 8" thick paddle board that cradles the board to suspend it up in the air. 

Paddle Rack

A paddle rack is the perfect addition to any kayak or paddle board mounting kit! The rack holds up to 2 paddles and easily stores your paddles beside your vessel. 

Best Dock Accessories in Missouri

BracketBuddy is the perfect accessory for your all dock storage needs! Not only do they help organize your great water toys, but they also don't cause any damage to your dock so it's community dock friendly and you can move your items as many times as you want! Our automatic boat lift control company is here for all of your boat dock accessory needs! Check out our website to view all of the awesome dock accessories we have available.  

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