Safety Tips to Get Ready for Summer

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Boating is a fun and exciting way to explore the many lakes in Missouri. Spending time with friends and family on the water is a great bonding experience. However, there are a few precautions that you should take before you get started on your adventure. There are a few issues that could ruin your day if you are not careful. Read on to learn about some of the safety hazards you should watch out for on your dock. 

Electrical Issues

Having a well-functioning lift control box, a powered fan, and a flat screen TV are all incredible options people can now enjoy on their docks thanks to technology and Firstmate Controls. However, if there is an issue in your electrical wiring, it could be very dangerous for you and your loved ones. If someone enters water that has been exposed to an electrical current, it will cause their muscles to seize up. Without being able to move, it is very common for people to drown when electrocuted in the water. 

This is why it is important to have a certified electrician inspect your dock to make sure everything is up to code and ready for a fun-filled and safe summer season. Installing a ground fault device if you don't have one already could be the first important step toward improving the safety of your dock. 


Having a dock of your own makes for a great time, especially for young kids who love diving off the side and climbing in and out of the water. As the day goes on, the dock could quickly become cluttered with fishing poles, kayaks, oars, drinks, and more. It would be very easy for someone to not realize on object is blocking the path and they could trip. Having fun items to play with on the water is part of the lake experience, but it doesn't have to clutter your walkway anymore! 

Try the Firstmate Controls Bracket Buddy system. These devices connect to the dock without any damaging drilling, and they are compatible with several different holders from Firstmate that can help make staying organized a breeze. Take, for instance, the drink holder! No more drinks littering the walkway and making it dangerous to walk through.

Accidental Falls

When it's time to get out on the water, you may be familiar with the process of trying to get everyone on the boat and how it can be difficult to do so steadily and safely. How many times can you remember someone nervously trying to hop off the dock and over the boat's edge without falling in the water? There is a better way! 

Firstmate Controls has created an incredible boat lift remote system that has a boarding feature right on the control! With a simple touch of the button, your lift will lower to the perfect boarding height for safe and convenient boarding for all of your passengers. This is not only a fun feature to have, but it could save you from a potentially painful accident.

As you get ready for the summer season, remember to keep safety in mind! Visit our website to check out the amazing Bracket Buddy system and Boat Lift Remote System to help you have a more convenient, organized, safe summer full of fun! 

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