Tips to Winterize Your Boat this Fall

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The cooler weather of fall and the fact that we've already seen snow has many boaters spending less time on the water. With the colder temperatures, it's probably time to start thinking about winterizing your boat for the winter if you're not going to be using it as often. Why should you winterize your boat? Because the harsh weather of winter can be pretty rough on a boat and it's engine. Here are a few tips to make sure you're properly winterizing your boat.

Care for the Battery
It's easy to forget about your battery when taking care of maintenance, but it's important that you don't leave it unattended this fall. One of the main issues that boaters run into when breaking out their boat in the spring is dealing with a dead batter because they didn't take proper care during winterization. Avoid leaving your battery connected through the winter because although your boat isn't being used, your battery will get drained. Instead, disconnect your battery and remove it altogether from the boat. Store it in a dry place and charge it periodically while your boat is in storage.

Do an Oil Change
The less frequently you're utilizing your boat, the more important it is to change the oil. This means, that before putting your boat up for the winter, this should be a task you take care of. While your boat was in use these past few months, water and other corrosive substances may have made their way into your oil. Residual acids and moisture left in the crankcase over the winter can pit bearings and other vital engine parts. So, before storing your boat, protect your boat's engine and replace your oil filter and giving your boat an oil change.

Fill the Fuel Tank
This maintenance step has been much debated and still gets conflicting answers. However, filling up on fuel before storing your boat is actually a very important part of winterization maintenance. Leaving your fuel tank empty or not full while your boat is stored this winter will allow condensation to enter. Condensation won't be your only issue since this can actually lead to rust and corrosion inside of your fuel tank. To prevent this from occurring, it's recommended to fill your tank up to about 90% capacity before storing. To ensure your fuel is ready for use in the spring, mix a fuel stabilizer into your fresh fuel.

Clean Your Boat
Once you've taken care of the mechanical and electrical maintenance items, give your boat a good wash and wax. Washing the outside of your boat will allow you to remove built on grime that can be corrosive. You can also wax your boat to give it an extra layer of protection while it's stored. Once the outside is taken care of, hop inside and give the interior a thorough cleaning. This will help you catch any issues that need repair and will ensure your boat is ready for use in the spring.

Cover Your Boat
Once you've taken care of all your maintenance projects, big and small, don't forget to cover your boat. This step is especially important if you are planning to store your boat outdoors. The outdoor elements, whether rain, ice, wind, or sun, can cause your boat to age much faster. Look for a cover that is designed for your specific boat in order to ensure a proper fit. If storing your boat outdoors, don't forget to remove electronics and organic materials that can suffer damage in inclement weather, even if you do have a cover for it.

By following these tips for winterizing your boat, you'll protect your boat from damage over the winter months and have an easier time getting your boat dewinterized and ready to go in the spring. For more boating and maintenance tips, subscribe to our blog where we put out new blogs every week with helpful tips and informative tidbits about boating and marine electronics.

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