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You love spending time on the water with your family and friends, there's no doubt about it. But sometimes it may feel like the work it takes just to get out there just isn't worth it. If only there were an easier way to hit the water more quickly and efficiently that could cut down on the launching and docking time... If you've ever had this thought, then there is without a doubt, no better accessory to have for your boat lift than a boat lift remote control system. Check out some of the advantages of owning a Firstmate system for your boat lift control needs.

Less Work - Less Hassle 
Consider the efforts that you put into launching and docking your boat anytime you want to go out on the water. You've got to lower the boat from the dock, and then climb on-board while the boat is swaying back and forth from the waves. You've got to pull your boat out and moor it while you climb back off the boat to go raise the lift back up. Then you have to climb back in your boat without falling in the water. And guess what, you've got to do this whole crazy and time consuming dance all over again after a long day out on the water - NO THANK YOU!

More Time on the Water
With a Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control, you can quickly and easily get on and off the water without the hassle of prepping and mooring. With the push of a button, the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control takes all the work out of raising and lowering your boat. The Firstmate system can automatically set your boat to one of three levels: Up, Board or Down. When your boat reaches the desired level, the system shuts off automatically. With the Board position, there’s no more climbing up into the boat or hanging on to the dock, making it easier to get your guests and their items in and out safely.

Great Investment
Boat lifts can pay for themselves over time by increasing the resale value of your boat as well as by reducing annual maintenance costs, such as eliminating the need for dock repair, lift repair or boat repair. The truth of the matter is that you invest quite a bit of money into your boat, dock and lift. Isn't it worth it to you to take care of that investment and avoid the expense of damages? With a boat lift remote control you can save yourself the hassle of unnecessary maintenance to your boat, lift and dock by making docking and launching easier and less damage prone.

Bottom line is that you don't want to feel like your boat was a bad investment because of all the maintenance and prep work it takes to get out on the water. Save yourself time and money by getting a Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control for your lift and get on and off the water smoother and faster. No more hassle, no more irritation, just fun in the sun on the water. Contact us today to get your boat lift remote control ordered for this boating season!

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