5 Tips for Dock Safety & Maintenance

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You love spending time on the water, and enjoy entertaining guests on both your boat and dock. When enjoying a fun-filled day on the water with friends and family, an accident on the dock is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Common sense and proper precautions will help ensure a safe summer on the water. Firstmate Controls has 5 simple tips to ensure proper dock safety and maintenance to help prevent dock mishaps.

1. Have Your Dock Inspected
With the natural elements that a dock is constantly under, any number of problems and malfunctions can occur. So, an important step in maintaining a dock is to ensure proper installation and maintenance of electrical equipment on docks and on boats. Have a professional electrician inspect all of the electrical systems on or near the water and bring them up to code, and periodically check the dock cables for frays or breaks and replace any worn out or damaged cables.

2. Keep Your Dock Clear of Debris
If you allow your dock to become a chaotic catch-all for all of your aquatic toys and fishing gear with no sense of organization, your dock may quickly become a hazardous place to be. Put away fishing equipment, gas cans, chairs, cups and empty bottles after every outing. As with any walking surface it is recommended that any trip hazards are limited. Ensuring your dock is clean and free of debris on the surface will aid in this.

3. Consider Installing a Slip Resistant Surface
From rough waters, to boats passing by, to kids splashing around and jumping off, your dock is prime real estate for becoming a dangerous slip zone if proper precautions are not taken. To avoid injuries, install a slip resistant surface on walking areas as the decking material can become slippery when wet.

4. Invest in Useful Dock Accessories
There are several useful dock accessories that can make owning a boat and dock easy and enjoyable. Since you'll likely entertain guests on your dock, install a non-metal swimming ladder so they can easily enter and leave the water from your dock with no trouble. Install solar powered lights for easier visibility in case you get off the water after the sun sets. Keep a life preserver handy in case a swimmer gets into trouble. Make sure to have extra life jackets available for each guest you invite on your dock. And of course, be sure you've got at least one High and Dri Rack for drying out wet towels and life vests so they're not laying around on the dock.

5. Order a Boat Lift Remote Control System
One very important part of your dock is the lift that holds your boat and protects both your boat and dock from being damaged. A great accessory to add to your dock lift system is the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control System. Not only is it a wonderful accessory, it's also a safety net for your boat, dock, and lift. Your guests will more easily be able to board and unload. Plus, our system may help to increase the resale value of your lift!

So if you're planning to spend a lot of time this summer on your dock, make sure to follow these tips to ensure proper dock safety and maintenance to help prevent dock mishaps. Your summer should be spent doing the things you love, not wasting time trying to get there. So, save yourself time and hassle and order your Firstmate System today. Visit our website to order or to get more information about our boat lift remote control system!

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