Get On The Water With These Fun Boating Activities!

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The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day to get out on the water! But what to do once you're there? Sure, you could just idle your way downstream and enjoy soaking up the sun. But when there's so many other activities you could be doing instead, why wouldn't you take advantage of the opportunity? Firstmate Controls has some great boating activities for you to try out - check them out!

Spend the Afternoon Fishing

You already know how the fishing is at your normal go-to spot. Spend the day visiting different fishing spots, or you can simply drop anchor at a new spot to see what you can catch. You never know, you may stumble upon a sweet spot and catch some of the biggest fish you've ever caught! But even if you don't come home with anything, the day is not wasted when you get to spend time on the water casting a line.

Get Adventurous with Water Sports

Going out on the boat doesn't have to mean just sitting on the boat. There are plenty of adventurous water sports you can partake in to amp up the excitement for all! Hook up a towable like a tube or a wakeboard and make a competition out of how long each family member can stay on. You can also grab your snorkel gear and venture underwater to explore.

Check Out the Historic Waterfronts

While there are some really great historical landmarks to check out by land throughout Missouri, there are also some awesome natural landmarks you can only explore by water. You can enjoy the natural wonders of the Rocky Falls in Southern Missouri, or check out the largest natural waterfall in Missouri on Shoal Creek. There's also the tall bluffs and many wondrous caves of the Meramec River, and of course the natural beauty of the Ozark's lush State Parks at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Find a New-to-You Cove to Explore

If you're used to going to the same spot every time you get on the water, try a new anchorage location. Even if it's just down the river a few minutes further, or on the opposite side of the lake, it can be fun to check out somewhere different with new scenery and water to explore. Have a good old fashioned picnic on the beach along the shoreline of a new destination. Pack all your essentials for lunch and find a spot to set up a picnic. Who knows? It may become your new favorite place to stop!

Whether you try out some of these super fun boating activities or just choose to relax and enjoy the quiet time, make sure you're making the most of your boating time and making memories to last a lifetime! Get out on the water more quickly and with less work with a Firstmate boat lift remote control system. Contact us today to get your custom built quality boat lift remote control ordered!

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