Check Out These MUST-HAVE Electronic Devices for Your Boat and Dock!

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This summer you'll likely spend much of your free time out on the water, and we think that's fantastic! But how much work do you generally put into making your day on the water epic or keeping your boat and dock safe while you're not around to tend to it? With the enhancement of marine technology, your answer could be very little - meaning you're enjoying your boat more than fretting over it. Firstmate Controls has come up with a list of MUST-HAVE marine electronic devices you need to install to ensure your boat and dock are secure, your time on the water is enjoyable, and your worries are minimal - check them out!

Marine Stereo System
Install a waterproof marine grade stereo system to your boat and dock to get the party started! There are several options for marine approved stereo systems loaded with features such as built-in bluetooth, AM/FM radio, USB drive readers, auxiliary jacks and much more to make listening to music on the water easy. From dock to boat to dock again, the fun doesn't have to stop when you come off the water if you've got a marine stereo system installed in both your boat and dock.

Electronic Theft Devices
Many boat dealerships and marinas offer after-market security devices, such as theft alert devices, which can be used to better secure boat. Advanced theft-alert tracking devices allow you to keep an eye on your watercrafts from anywhere. Instantly receive a text or email when your watercrafts move, and easily locate them anytime on your phone or computer. These are typically pretty affordable and easy to use.

Navigation System
Navigation system devices are strongly recommended due to the increased safety they bring to boaters on the open water. Many navigation systems can be used to determine water depth to avoid grounding. GPS marine navigation systems usually have built in alarms that sound if you were to go off course or if your anchor is dragging. They use satellites to determine the speed and direction of the boat which allows for the boat's course to be plotted electronically.

Remote Dock Lighting
Imagine you're out on the lake at night and you forgot to turn your dock lights on for your arrival. Well no more worries, all you have to do is click the button on your key fob and all your dock lights come on ready for you to safely dock your boat. Take all your gear to your car or lake house and click the button one more time and all the lights turn off.

Boat Lift Remote Control System
With the push of a button, the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control takes all the work out of raising and lowering your boat. The Firstmate system can automatically set your boat to one of three levels: Up, Board or Down. When your boat reaches the desired level, the system shuts off automatically. With the Board position, there’s no more climbing up into the boat or hanging on to the dock, making it easier to get your guests and their items in and out safely.

With these awesome marine electronic devices, you can get out on the water quickly and enjoy the pleasures of boating! And don't worry, no matter the size of your boat lift, our Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control systems are manufactured to your specific needs! For more information on how to get a boat lift remote control system contact us at 866-570-9707. Know of a marine electronic device that is a MUST-HAVE when boating that we didn't mention here? Share them in the comments!

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