Important Dock Safety Tips This Summer!

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Spending time out on your dock and boating on the water is an incredibly fun pastime at the Lake of the Ozarks. There are, however, a few things that you need to consider to make sure you, your boat, your lift, and your dock are safe all year long. Firstmate Controls is an expert on safety as the best boat lift control manufacturer in Missouri, and we are here for you. Keep reading to hear our tips on how to take care of your dock with proper safety precautions.

Remove Any Debris Around the Dock

Sometimes storms blow through and can cause a lot of leaves, twigs, trash, and even full tree trunks to float into your cove and get caught around your dock. If this is not cleared out, then your dock and lift could experience damage from the repetitive knocking against the sides. It could be even worse if you lower the lift without knowing a branch has lodged itself in between the lift and the dock. So, before you get started enjoying your time at the lake, make sure to remove any debris that has collected around the dock.

Organize the Dock

If the dock is cluttered with inner tubes, noodles, kayaks, fishing poles, drinks, speakers, and other items you like to have nearby for a day on the water, then you could have a tripping hazard on your hands! It also may not feel as relaxing as it could be if you are having to navigate walking through a bunch of items covering up the dock. Instead, invest in dock accessories that can help keep you organized and safe throughout your day on the dock. Firstmate Controls offers an incredible product called the Bracket Buddy that we know you are going to love. Our brackets attach securely without any drilling so that you never have to worry about filling the dock support beams with holes. We have products that pair with kayaks, drink holders, fishing poles, rotating fans, speakers, and even TVs! Check it out on our website.

Install a Slip Resistant Surface

Docks are bound to get wet. With big boats causing wakes to splash over the side, people coming in and out of the water, and other daily lake activities, there will be a lot of water collecting on your dock. This makes it very likely that someone could slip and fall, causing serious injury! If you install a slip resistant surface, then your dock could instantly feel a whole lot safer.

Get the Dock Inspected

Docks are under a lot of strain. They put up with bad weather, big wakes, the weight and movement of a lift and boat, and so much more. Over time, it is likely that your dock will need maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. That is why it is important to ensure that everything is properly installed and functioning on your dock on a regular basis. It's also important to regularly check for fraying cables, breaking hinges, and other issues a dock may experience.

Order a Boat Lift Remote Control System

One very important part of your dock is the lift that holds your boat and protects both your boat and dock from being damaged. A great accessory to add to your dock lift system is the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control System. Not only is it a wonderful accessory, it's also a safety net for your boat, dock, and lift. Your guests will more easily be able to board and unload. Plus, our system may help to increase the resale value of your lift!

So contact Firstmate Controls to get your dock ready for great summer days with safety and convenience as a top priority. We will take care of you and your dock like no one else!

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