Meet the Bracket Buddy - A Must Have Dock Accessory

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Revolutionize your dock with the proper accessories that make boating easy! Firstmate Controls has some featured products that you'll love. We make shopping for dock accessories and remote control systems easy. We don't just have remote control systems, we also carry parts for servicing systems as well. This week, we're showcasing a product that makes changing accessories without hurting your dock simple: the Bracket Buddy!
Check Out the Bracket Buddy!
This handy new product allows you to change out dock accessories without damaging your dock. It eliminates the need to drill unsightly holes in your dock posts! These universal brackets fit 2" or 2 1/2" dock posts, making them useful to almost any dock owner. The stainless steel construction provides long lasting reliability and easily mounts in less than 5 minutes! And since they're not a permanent fixture, you can move them just as easily as you put them up - meaning you're not stuck with too high or too low fixtures that don't allow room for your accessories!
Quantity Discounts Available: Save $10.95 when you purchase 2.  
1 Bracket: $32.95 ea.
2 Brackets: $54.95 ea.

Bracket Buddy Accessories
  • 4 Slot Fishing Rod Holder with Bracket: $54.00
  • 8" Cleat with Bracket: $56.00
  • Flag Pole Holder with Bracket (Flag not included): $65.00
  • Indoor/Outdoor 18" Fan with Bracket: $225.00
These Bracket Buddy accessories are perfect for quickly and easily mounting a number of different dock accessories such as a flag, cleat, fan or mist fan, fishing poles, life jacket and towel dry bar, fish cleaning table, bar table, decorative lighting, speaker mount and more! The possibilities are endless!

So, stop drilling unnecessary holes in your dock, and invest in a Bracket Buddy to provide a lasting reliable way to conveniently accessorize your dock. Firstmate is dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution and servicing of the finest wireless electronic equipment for the recreational marine industry. We offer full remote control manufacturing capability using state of the art equipment. Complete systems can be installed for you, or shipped ready for any application. Give us a call today at (866) 570-9707 to speak to a team member of the most experienced boat lift remote control company in the United States. We're happy to assist you with your hoist upgrade and dock accessory needs!

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