8 Common Boats We See Out on the Rivers and Lakes

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Just like with cars and trucks, there are a plethora of options when it comes to boats. Depending on your location, the body of water you'll be taking it out on, and the types of activities you plan to do will determine the type of boat that's right for your needs. We at Firstmate Controls love ALL boats! As long as we can get out on the water, we don't care if it's a row boat. We're game! Here are just a few of many types of boats we typically see on the rivers and lakes when we go out.

Bowriders tend to be a great family boat, with room for typically eight or more passengers spread between the cockpit and the helm. That added real estate not only adds passenger space, it creates two distinct areas for socializing. These boats can be used for entertaining friends on a shoreline cruise, joining the crew at the nearest cove or sandbar, towable watersports, stopping at your favorite waterfront eatery, even fishing!

Cabin Cruisers
Cabin cruisers have all the amenities to make cruising, or just spending a weekend aboard in total comfort, a reality. Cabin cruisers invite their owners to venture beyond their local waters, whether it’s taking a weekend getaway to a favorite location, joining friends on a group trip, or traveling long distances along rivers or coastal waterways. Having most of the comforts of home means you can comfortably spend a night aboard.

Cuddy Cabins
A cuddy cabin may be the perfect compromise for those that want the performance and versatility of a bowrider or deckboat, but dream of being able to spend a night aboard their boat…or perhaps just desire a place to escape the sun and take that afternoon siesta. Like boats of similar size, a cuddy cabin works well for cruising, entertaining, watersports, or just hanging out with friends at the sandbar. The cuddy cabin, however, opens up new possibilities as nighttime falls. Rather than head back to the dock, anchor out and spend the night under the stars with the waves gently rocking you to sleep.

Deck Boats
Deck boats offer tremendous versatility. Cruise, cove, tow your favorite water toy or fish. All are easily doable on this jack-of-all-trades platform. Often times these boats are equipped with a swim platform that allows you to enhance your time socializing at anchor or enjoying the sandbar.

Fish & Ski Boats
Fish & Skis place a greater emphasis on two of the most popular boating pastimes: fishing and skiing. They’re still a bowrider, they just provide some amenities that make fishing and skiing more convenient. When skiing’s on the agenda, utilize the in-floor ski locker and a safe attachment for the riders rope, like a transom tow eye or ski pylon. When fishing takes precedence, deploy a trolling motor, grab a rod from the rod locker, and remove the cushions to mount swivel chairs. And don't worry about a place to keep your catch, because these boats typically come equipped with a built-in live well!

Aluminum Fishing Boats
Speaking of fishing... Small aluminum boats are an ideal choice for fishing close to shore in relatively protected waters, and their exceptionally minimal draft is perfect for getting into shallow areas off limits to larger craft. The basic aluminum boat is also a great first boat for kids, allowing them to explore waters close to home while limiting worries about damage or maintenance. Duck hunters also frequently use aluminum boats to get into swampy, shallow areas.

Jet Boats
Most jet boats fall within the bowrider/deckboat mold, meaning you can do all of the popular activities, from hauling your kids on that wakeboard or tube to cruising the shore on a pleasant evening or heading to a waterfront restaurant. Fish? Of course!

Pontoons are known as the ultimate 'party barge'! Pontoon boats are still one of the best options for that cocktail cruise. Pontoons also make the perfect fishing platform. A pontoon is also a viable alternative for skiing, tubing, wakeboarding…or just spend the day coving out, soaking up some rays and enjoying the company of your friends!

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