Boating Accessory Must-Haves to Invest in Before Summer!

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Summer will be here soon, which means you're already making plans to spend time out on the lake with friends and family. You want to be prepared for all the fun that's bound to take place, and have as little interruption as possible. This week, the best marine electronics manufacturing company has some great ideas for you to ensure a fun and fantastic time out on the lake this summer! Gear up for boating season with these accessory ideas:

Bring on the Fun with Towables
Everyone loves a little fun and adventure. Spend the day on the lake in style with some fun towables that will keep the laughter and smiles going all day long. Whether you prefer fast and furious or leisure water activities, there are plenty of towables out there to sate anyone's adventurous appetite.

Don't Let Hunger Pull You Off the Lake
You and your friends are bound to get hungry out on the lake after fun in the sun and splashing around. Don't just rely on chips to hold you over, or risk having to call it a day because everyone's hungry. Be prepared by getting a mountable grill for your boat and keep your summer party going on the lake.

Get On and Off the Lake Faster
Stop wasting precious time mooring and waiting around for the lift to lower. With a Firstmate boat lift remote control system, you can get your boat in or out in no time and continue entertaining your friends with little work to prep or dock. More time on the lake, less time working to get there!

Make Boarding Easier for Everyone
The quickest way to ruin a day out on the lake is by someone falling between boat and dock and twisting an ankle while trying to get on the boat. Avoid injuries this year. Get a boarding ramp to ensure you and your guests can safely board and unboard your boat with ease.

Clean Up the Clutter with a Towel Rack
After a day out on the lake, the last thing you want to do is lug those wet towels back to the house. Draping them over the side of the boat and laying them out on the dock is just unsightly. Instead, hang them up on your handy towel rack to dry and come back for them later. This will keep them all in one place rather than sporadically thrown everywhere, and keeps your dock looking nice and clean. Firstmate Controls has four and six rung adjustable racks you can choose from.

Adding these must-have boating accessories to your boat and dock will get you on the right track for fun in the sun with little down time. Be the envy of boaters all over the lake this year and enjoy this summer in style! Our boat lift remote control systems can be customized to fit any boat lift. We can also enhance your remote system by adding special lighting features to better your dock safety and ambiance. For your boat lift remote control system needs count on Firstmate Controls to get you set up for a smooth summer of boating.

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