2018 New Year's Resolutions You'll Want to Keep!

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‘Tis the season to make New Year’s resolutions! But if you've ever attempted to make a resolution in the past, you may have noticed that most resolutions relate to changing bad habits or attempting to change negative aspects of your life. As boaters who know the importance of living happy, Firstmate Controls thinks it’s time to put a more positive spin onto this time honored tradition and create a list built to bring out the positive aspects of your life. Check out our list of New Year's resolutions you'll actually WANT to keep!

Spend More Quality Time with Family and Friends
Consider the amount of time you spend at work every week. Now consider the amount of time you get to spend with your family and friends. Is there a healthy balance? Probably not. By the time we get home from work, most of us are too exhausted to give our family and friends the full attention that we'd like to give. We always say we'll make up for that time by planning a vacation or weekend getaway. But how often do we actually follow through? That quality time with family and friends is more important than you can imagine. Find a healthy balance between work and family.

Take Time to Relax and De-Stress
We work our hands to the bones trying to make ends meet and trying to keep up with our hectic schedules. Often times, we don't realize just how much we take from ourselves to give to our jobs and responsibilities. What we don't think about though, is that we're only able to give so much before we get burned out. Taking care of your health and wellbeing is essential for maintaining your lifestyle and responsibilities.

Make Time to do Things You Love
While you have to work to afford the cost of living, your life shouldn't be just about living to work. It's time to redirect your focus on the more important things in life. It's time to make time for the things YOU LOVE! Work hard so you can play harder! And don't just say you'll enjoy the things you love when you can find the time. If you're honest with yourself, you'll never find the time if you don't MAKE the time.

Spend as Much Time on Your Boat as Possible
As boat lovers, we know just how great it is to be able to get out on the boat for the day and just cruise away from everyday stresses. If this is the only time you allow yourself some freedom and relaxation, spending as much time on your boat as possible is even more important! Not only does being on your boat allow you to relax, but it allows you to essentially unplug and walk away from your offshore responsibilities.

Make Some Safety Improvements to Your Boat & Dock
Take the work out of boating before the next boating season gets here! With the push of a button, the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control takes all the work out of raising and lowering your boat. The Firstmate system can automatically set your boat to one of three levels: Up, Board or Down. When your boat reaches the desired level, the system shuts off automatically. With the Board position, there’s no more climbing up into the boat or hanging on to the dock, making it easier to get your guests and their items in and out safely. Adding this convenient marine electronic device can make boating much more enjoyable for all!

So, what are some of your New Year's resolutions for 2018? Share in the comments below! We hope your goal for 2018 involves making more time for you and yours and spending more time out on the water! We know we're going to aim high for that goal! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your 2017, and wish you a very special 2018!

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