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If you're a boater, you know the struggles that getting on and off the water can entail. We as boaters have felt that frustration as well. That's why we came up with the boat lift remote control system - to make boating less work and more enjoyable. Not sure a Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control is for you? Check out what real boaters like you have to say about it!


“Of all the things I have bought at the lake, this was my best purchase!” ~ Tom S., Sunrise Beach, MO

“Safety - with the remote system, there is no need to leave someone on the dock to raise the lift” ~ Jim H., Lake St. Louis, MO

“Able to raise lifts to protect them when boating” ~ Ken E., Rocky Mount, MO

“The Firstmate has operated flawlessly since day one. It’s one part of boating that I don’t have to worry about. It adds peace of mind.” ~ Jeffrey L., St. Charles, MO

“Cool product” ~ Joe L., Shawnee, KS

“State of the art system & dependability” ~ James M., St. Louis, MO

“A good safety feature for older people & some disabled” ~ Dr. W. Edward L., St. Louis, MO

“Convenience” ~ Robert C., Smithville, MO

“Dependable – good range – good service – the boarding level is great” ~ Robert T., Kansas City, MO

“Great product. Would recommend to anyone” ~ Keith S., Sunrise Beach, MO

“Product performs exactly as promised… makes lifting and launching my bass boat much easier.” ~ Ron D., Overland Park, KS

“Fast, well installed, happy with unit.” ~ Phil R., Sunrise Beach, MO

“I have used the Pro and it has worked flawlessly. It makes docking absolutely effortless.” ~ Wm. G., St. Louis, MO

“Cool! Works great.” ~ Gary G., St. Louis, MO

“Works great - love the remote - fast courteous service” ~ George O., Ballwin, MO

“Better than I expected” ~ Larry G, Lake St. Louis, MO

“Convenience and Safety” ~ Craig A., Rolla, MO

“Great system!” ~ Denver, NC

Now that you've read through several testimonials about the Firstmate Boat Lift Remote Control, what are you waiting for? Get out on the water faster and easier and quit wasting time mooring or waiting around at the boat ramp. We want to take a moment to thank those who have provided feedback to us, and encourage those who haven't to share your experience. We rely on our customer's satisfaction and feedback to ensure that we provide the best possible service and top quality products - so please take a moment to send us any feedback or a testimonial. We LOVE hearing from our customers!

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